Family Connection Youth Shelter

HouseOur Shelter provides a safe environment for young people ages 12 – 17, who are runaway, homeless, or in the midst of crisis. ?The Shelter provides temporary housing and counseling support that helps youth reunite with their families or find appropriate longer-term housing solutions.

When youth enter our doors, staff make certain their immediate needs are met. As we consistently meet youth’s needs, they learn they can count on us.? Once the trust relationship is established, we focus on youth’s strengths and interests and build on their skills, which helps them develop confidence and a sense of direction regarding their future. ?All youth have access to counselors and Youth Care Specialists who offer support, guidance and counseling?for?youth to develop self-assurance and re-establish family ties. We provide individual, group and family counseling. ?Without our Shelter, these youth may fall victim to sexual exploitation and physical or sexual assault.Your support helps us meet the needs of the youth who walk through the doors of our Family?Connection?Youth Shelter… 24/7.