Therapeutic Outreach Program – Individual and Family Counseling

TOPS (Therapeutic Outreach Program for Students)

“The TOPS Program is making a difference everyday in the lives of Shelby County students.? The counselor works with students individually on issues ranging from decision-making skills, bullying, grief, to handling peer pressure. The TOPS Program provides services at no cost and at the student’s school thus helping students that might otherwise not receive mental health service due to lack of transportation or insurance.”
Dorann Tanner, Social Worker, Student Services Department,?Shelby County Schools

Two Girls 2Family Connection provides a Counselor who travels to?designated Shelby County Schools and provides individual, group and classroom guidance focusing on bullying and other issues that students encounter.??The TOPS?Counselor is also available to meet with?students and their families?on a scheduled basis at Family Connection’s Shelby County campus.


For information on?current schools served or scheduling a session,?please contact Family Connection.?Appointment space is limited.? There is no charge for counseling services provided by this program.


TOPS?Counselor at 205-663-6301 ext. 204.?

You may also contact Family Connection’s
24-Hour Help Line at 205-664-CARE (205.664-2273).