Supporting Families Initiative

The Supporting Families Initiative (SFI) is a truancy prevention program. SFI addresses the needs of truant youth and their family by identifying obstacles to regular school attendance and connecting them to resources.

Target Population and Program Eligibility:

  • Communities: Columbiana, Calera, Chelsea and Montevallo
  • Middle school students ages 11 to 15 years

There are two levels of support through the SFI program:

Basic Support

In the Basic Support level, parent(s) and student sign a school attendance contract and are referred to existing community services. If truancy continues, student and parent(s) move to Intensive Support level.

Intensive Support

In the Intensive Support level, the SFI Coordinator provides intervention support to improve attendance. ??

  • Personalized outreach to student and family
  • Action plan developed to address barriers
  • School attendance is monitored
  • Student participate on individual counseling
  • Student participate in SFI Summer Program